When do you start cooking your Thanksgiving meal?

When do you start cooking your Thanksgiving meal?
Food and Cooking - July 27 2023 by Kieran Montague

Understanding the Importance of Timing

When it comes to cooking a Thanksgiving meal, timing is everything. You want to ensure that each dish is perfectly cooked and ready to be served at the same time. This might seem like an impossible task, especially if you're cooking multiple dishes. But don't worry, with a little bit of planning and organization, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly. It's all about knowing when to start cooking your Thanksgiving meal.

Planning Your Thanksgiving Menu

Before you can even think about when to start cooking, you need to decide what you're going to cook. Thanksgiving menus can vary greatly, depending on personal tastes and dietary requirements. Some people might opt for a traditional turkey dinner, while others might choose a vegetarian or vegan feast. Once you've decided on your menu, you can begin to plan out your cooking schedule. This will give you a clear idea of when you need to start cooking your Thanksgiving meal.

The Night Before Thanksgiving

Many people start their Thanksgiving preparations the night before. This is the perfect time to do any prep work that can be done in advance. For example, you could chop vegetables, prepare any sauces or marinades, and even start cooking some dishes. By doing some of the work the night before, you'll save yourself a lot of stress on the day itself. Plus, you'll have more time to enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.

Early Thanksgiving Morning

If you're cooking a turkey, you'll probably need to start early on Thanksgiving morning. Turkey can take a long time to cook, especially if it's a large bird. The general rule of thumb is to allow 15-20 minutes of cooking time per pound of turkey. So, if you're cooking a 20-pound turkey, you could be looking at around 5-6 hours of cooking time. Keep in mind that the turkey will also need to rest for at least 30 minutes before carving, so factor that into your cooking schedule as well.

Mid-Morning Preparations

Once the turkey is in the oven, you can start working on the other dishes. This might include mashed potatoes, stuffing, and various side dishes. Try to plan your cooking schedule so that the dishes which take the longest to cook are started first. Remember, you can also use this time to finish any prep work that wasn't completed the night before.

Finishing Touches in the Afternoon

By the afternoon, your Thanksgiving meal should be coming together nicely. This is the time to focus on any finishing touches. For example, you might need to bake a pie, whip up some cream, or roast some vegetables. This is also the time to make any final checks and ensure that everything is cooking as it should be.

Enjoying Your Thanksgiving Feast

Finally, once all the cooking is done, it's time to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast. Remember, the aim of the day is to spend time with loved ones and to give thanks for the good things in life. So, don't stress too much about the cooking. As long as you're prepared and organized, everything should go smoothly. And remember, even if things don't go exactly to plan, it's the company and the sentiment of the day that truly matters.

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